Longtooth is the reinvention of the classic 1960’s London Dry Bengal Gin.

Bengal Gin™ was THE gin to drink back in the 60’s. Export strength and purr...fect for a Martini, it was one of the most distinctive and super cool brands of the decade. Longtooth is a faithful recreation of this once revered spirit. Smooth, strong and impeccably bred, it’s made with only the finest ingredients, to a recipe created by one of the most respected Master Distillers in the world.

The spirit of an age

The Sixties have been described as the decade that produced some of the most significant developments in history. For the first time in the 20th-century London, not Paris, was the centre of the creative world. The British invasion didn’t stop with The Beatles. It swept into all parts of life, from design to architecture and art. The names on everyone’s lips were JeanShrimpton, David Bailey, Mary Quant and Ian Fleming. The brands were Aston Martin, Harper’s Bazaar and Bengal Gin™.At the height of its glory in the late 50s and 60s, only one gin could be used for the famous Maneater Martini - supremely smooth Bengal Gin™.

That was then - this is now